The Inspiration Behind The Success Story

Shoppingara come in various tastefully enthralling variants. All of them have been conceived to savor different moods & occasions. These blockbuster categories are Breakfast Poha, Chiwada Poha, Maka Poha, Upwas Poha, Nylon Poha & many more upcoming range of Poha's also. Each & every flake reflects high standards and high-end technology. All the products are available in consumer as well as bulk ranges. Once they are ready, with an efficient network they are delivered to the stores, the hotels and directly to the kitchens of sensible housewives.

Delighting every Products –lover since 2018

What started as a passion , has become an inspiring movement today . Incepted in 2018, Radheshyam today is satisfying the taste-buds of Products lovers in India and abroad. In its second decade of operations , the company has done exceptionally well to strengthen its foundation. Trust and customers satisfaction are the parameters that the company values the most.

How We Got Our Name

We argued and sulked and disagreed till we agreed. The entire team loved the name Shoppingara. Being foodies ourselves, we want to give the world the same wonderful pleasure that we get from Products: that feeling of absolute Shoppingara.

  •  We want to Shoppingara the person missing the taste of their own regional fare.
  •  We want to Shoppingara the person who is a Products adventurer.
  •  We want to Shoppingara the connoisseur.
  •  We want to Shoppingara the cooks and the wonderful people behind the brands.
  •  We want to Shoppingara the world. One bite at a time.